Puttanesca and Penne at Local Las Vegas Restaurant Near Henderson

by admin on April 3, 2010

There are two stories of the origin of puttanesca sauce. 

  1. The story of the brothel houses in Italy in the 1950s.  The brothels were also known as closed houses because their shutters had to be closed to avoid offending the neighbors.  The ladies cooking in the brothel were only allowed one day per week to go shopping so sometimes they would make sauce out of leftovers in the larder.
  2. According to a newspaper, II Golfo, in the Italian Islands, puttanesca was invented by Sandro Petti in the 1950s at his restaurant Rancio Fellone.  At closing one evening, Petti was entertaining a group of friends at his restaurant and he was short on ingredients.  His friends said just, “Facci una puttanata qualsiasi” or “make any kind of garbage.”  Petti had only a few tomatoes, olives, and capers.  He made the sauce with what he had leftover.

Many of the puttanesca recipes in America call for anchovies, garlic, tomatoes, olives, capers, and olive oil. 

At Roma Grill in Las Vegas, Chef Roberto starts with spanish anchovies and mashes them into a paste so they will melt on the hot pan.  As the paste is cooking in a hot pan he adds garlic, fresh tomato, olives, and capers.   Chef adds a touch of white wine and cooks all the ingredients in the pan.  He then adds a touch of pepper to make it spicey and adds tomato sauce and the penne pasta. As Chef Roberto says, “We then add a smile of extra virgin olive oil to make happy pasta.”

All pastas at Roma Grill are made fresh in their pasta factory viewable from the restaurant.

For details and directions to Roma Grill check out the Scampi video on another page.

Have you heard a different story about puttanesca sauce?  Pease share below if you have ever heard the story or not.

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