New Mexican Food In Las Vegas Restaurant Off The Strip-Stuffed Sopapilla

by admin on April 4, 2010

When ordering New Mexican food in this Las Vegas food establishment, the first question you will have to answer is “Red or Green?”

This question is referring to your choice of chile sauce and this is what separates this style of food from Mexican food.  You can also get the “Christmas Style”, which is a combination of red and green chile.

Although you may be used to eating sopapillas with butter and honey, the dish below is a stuffed with pork.

According to Chef David a sopapilla is a variation of an Indian fry bread that is less than a quarter inch thick before frying.   The story behind this fry bread is a sad one.  During the American expansion of the West, many of the Indians were forced onto reservations.  The government was supposed to supply them with food but often they were only supplied with flour and fat.  Thus, the sopapilla was invented.

Chef David from Carlitos Burritos starts with a flat piece of dough less than a quarter inch think.  He then puts it in the fryer and as it cooks it puffs up.  He takes it out of the fryer and cuts it in half and then stuffs it with carne adovada (pork marinated in red chile and then cooked in the same red chile). 

After that this Las Vegas Chef makes his “Christmas Style” as he mixes red and green chile, then tops it with melted cheese, lettuce, and diced tomato.

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Do you prefer Red, Green, or Christmas Style? Let me know below.

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