New Las Vegas Restaurant Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen

by admin on May 1, 2010

At Nu Sanctuary Lounge you can enjoy one of many items “cooked” with liquid nitrogen. 

One of them is the Nitro Caramel Corn that is served to you-smokin’ and sexy.  While cold to to the touch, the caramel corn will have you blowing smoke rings and shocking all of your friends while getting the attention of everyone nearby.

Chef Brian Howard calls it a “sexy fun snack” as he takes this American favorite to a new level of refinement.  With a slight freeze, the popcorn has a unique flavor and texture.

Liquid Nitrogen

Nearly 80% of the atmosphere consists of this non-toxic, non-flammable gas with a boiling temperature of -196 Celcius, which means it boils at room temerature and evaporates immediately.

Chefs enjoy using this not only for it’s cooking properties but for affect.  When a dish enters the dining room and is smoking like a rock concert stage, it get’s attention. 

“It’s sexy, amusing, interesting, and it is conversational for guests with staff”, said one patron. 

Details For Nu Sanctuary Lounge

Open daily for lunch, dinner, and nightlife that starts at 11pm.
(702) 527-7851
Town Square
6605 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite 145

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