Mario Andretti Racing Experience Las Vegas Motor Speedway

by admin on April 20, 2010

How about:

  • 150mph
  • 600 Horsepower
  • Open cock pit
  • Open wheel
  • Indy-style race car

At the Mario Andretti Racing Experience you can drive on the same track the pros drive.  Navigate turns at 150mph in a car that sits 1 inch off the ground.  Your personal race instructor coaches you using in car radio communications while you drive without a pace car.

After your training and instruction you are suited up in a racing suit and escorted out to the track and fitted with a helmet and radio.  Hop into a car and put the pedal to the floor (almost).  All you have to do is hit the gas and drive.  Their are no stick shifts and clutches to worry about (other than to start it).  You don’t need to touch the brake until you finish driving.  The banks in the turns are 21 degrees and meant for high speed turning.  Focus on staying in the white dots and listening to your coach and you will have the ride of your life. 

The first time around the track some drivers tend to slow down on the turns but that is not necessary with the banking and the way the cars are designed.

Are these two stories folk tales…I don’t know but they do demonstrate to valid points:

“If this track offered a van tour you might need to keep the speed up so you don’t tip over on the banks.  At 21 degrees you should and can all-out-fly on the turns.”


“The front and rear wings work together to create an aerodynamic downforce that pushes the car to the track.  At high speeds the car is pushed down to the road so hard that if the road went upside down the car could stay on the road, seemingly defying gravity.”—->Don’t try it.


Just for fun


For individuals that are too young or just want to experience the speed without driving…enjoy the Champ Ride.  Sit directly behind a professional driver and experience speeds of up to 180mph! 

Mario Andretti Racing Experience is sister companies with NASCAR Racing Experience and offers full-size Indy-style race cars, Nascar race cars, and race prepped Mustangs.

You can experience an adrenaline-pumping day at the track at 13 different locations in addition to Las Vegas.

Check out how much fun we had.

For more details, directions, locations, times, pricing, or to book a large group or corporate event, go to

Nascar Racing Experience


Andretti Racing

You can also call or email Joe Hill.  He took great care of us.

Joe Hill

(877) 722-3527

Share your comments below.  What track do you want to drive on?  Do you have the need for speed?

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