How To Make Beer-Gordon Biersch Beer Chef

by admin on March 30, 2010

Las Vegas Gordon Biersch Brewer shows how they make the Marzen beer in the video below.

Marzen was originally brewed in Bavaria,  It was dark roasted in Munich and caramelized Munich malt to help cover up flavor changes from the lack of refrigeration.  It was the beer served at the original Oktoberfest, which originated as a wedding reception for King Ludwig I and Maria Theresa. 

Gordon Biersch Marzen accentuates the flavors of the dark roasted imported malted barley with a caramel malt aftertaste.

This Marzen beer can be found at the restaurant (where you see it being brewed in the video) and also in local grociery stores. 

Personally I would say this is a beer strong and full enough for dark drinkers but subtle enough for lighter drinkers.  

Interesting tip: The hops have to be boiled for at least an hour to extract the bitterness and to sterilize it so nothing is competing with the yeast.   It will take about 14-21 days of fermenting and aging before it can be served.

To watch cooking videos and get the details on location and restaurant hours go to another Las Vegas Restaurant Video.


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