Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant Serves Crepe Suzette

by admin on April 3, 2010

Most recipes for Crepe Suzette call for a crepe made of flour, water, milk, and eggs.  Once the crepe is solid, orange juice and sugar are added.  In restaurants it is often flambed (alcohol poured on top and lit on fire) for flavor but also for presentation.

Chef Josette shows us how to make the dish from scratch.

When stirring by hand a key is to add the flour slowly when mixing the batter.  This keeps the batter from getting clumpy.  According to Las Vegas Chef LeBlond it is also important to add water to the batter to keep the crepe from sticking. 

She pours the batter onto a very hot pan and starts the sauce in a different pan.  At Las Vegas Rocks Cafe they use fresh orange juice with a few pinches of sugar.  Once the sauce is boiling and thick enough they pour the sauce over top of the crepe to cook the sauce and crepe together.  This gives every bite the flavor of fresh orange.

For details and directions go to Las Vegas Seafood.

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