Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

by admin on April 3, 2010

One of the most well known pasta dishes in America is a variation of Fettuccini al burro. 

The story is that restaurateur Alfredo di Lelio created the dish for his wife when she lost her appetite during pregnancy.  In 1914 di Lelio prepared the dish for his wife and when she began eating again he added it to his menu at Alfredo alla Scrofa.  The variation was to double the amount of butter and add it before the pasta was added, thus creating a triple burro(triple butter) effect.

This dish is more popular in Italian-American restaurants than it is in Italy and Europe.  In fact, it is virtually unknown outside of America and the simliar dish, Pasta al burro (with butter) can be ordered in Southern Italy and Pasta in bianco (in white) is ordered in the north.

Another common variation in America is to add other ingredients like parsley, cream, shrimp, or chicken.

At Gordon Biersch in Las Vegas Chef Miguel will make you fettuccinni in a pesto cream sauce with sun dried tomatoes and chicken.

For details, directions, and hours go to the Lunch favorite-BBQ Porks Sandwich Video.  You may also enjoy watching the brewer make their Marzen Beer.

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